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Ristretto is a creative digital studio. We love to help you turn ideas into engaging digital products. From the first sketch to a meaningful user experience, we cover all stages of modern product development. From delivering individual services to starting a joint-venture, there are many ways in which we can collaborate.

Since 2014

We started working closely together in 2014. Since then we collaborated with numerous inspiring people and leading organizations from over the world. We also started our own ventures, which is another strong passion we share.

2998 cups

During the last 41 months we’ve set high expectations to our work. This we couldn’t have done without our most valued business partner, coffee. Since the day we have started, it has invested 2998 tasteful and energetic cups into the quality of our projects.

01. Business Development and Strategy

It all starts with a solid plan. Therefore we first analyze the process to help you identify digital (business) opportunities. After having visualized a meaningful solution, we come up with a strong concept to achieve this. Finally we lay out a clear path towards our shared goal together.


02. Interface Design and User Experience

After the concept is clear, we first focus on user experience. This since we believe the way a product is being used, determines its success. Then all details will be perfectly thought out and designed to make it look beautiful and feel right. We just can't stop perfecting until we feel proud.

03. Web development

After the design stage has finished, the technical infrastructure will be developed. Upon this strong foundation the interface development will bring the visuals to life. To guarantee a perfect experience regardless of the circumstances, we build our websites responsive so users can access it on any device.

04. Mobile app development

Sometimes the digital experience is purely focused on mobile users. In that case we develop apps for for iOS, Windows or Android phones and tablets. With the right design and functionalities, we develop that perfect tailored app which will be quickly available in the app stores for all your customers.