Finding the perfect visual identity for an upcoming music duo

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Collaboration with HAEVN

When we see great talent, it inspires us to help them flourish. HAEVN is one of these special talents. The first time we heard HAEVN’s music was in a commercial for BMW. Marijn en Jorrit are the musical duo behind HEAVN.

They produced authentic and inspiring songs that have been used by BMW and Volvo. Now they are on their way to conquer the world with their fresh music. We love working with them and being part of their journey.


Cover Art for HAEVN

It is always challenging to find a visual identity for an upcoming music duo. When it comes to identity, it’s an ongoing process of exploring and experimenting together. HAEVN combines warm vocals and cinematic melodies with electronic beats, resulting in a unique sound.

We wanted to provide HAEVN with visuals that capture the feeling of their music: minimalistic, mysterious and ambient. After a long process of trial-and-error we have succeeded to create visuals that correspond with the music of HAEVN.