A simple approach to contemporary art

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No Kiddin’ iPad app

On behalf of INTK we developed an iPad app for the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. By displaying its collection with an app in the waiting room of the hospital Radboudumc Nijmegen, the museum aims to bring its collection beyond the walls.

By designing an app that is very easy and accessible to use, we wanted to attract hospital visitors to discover it. With different children telling about contemporary art pieces, the user is faced with a new and surprising way of looking at art.


Minimalistic design

It's a real pleasure to create designs for amazing artwork. So we were honored to work with art from the Van Abbemuseum. Designing for art starts with acknowledging that design needs to stay in the background. It is important that the artwork stands out and gets the full attention of a viewer.

We managed to pack a lot of functionality in an imperceptible design. We animated the overview screen, added subtitles and made sure that people are able to zoom in on artworks. It is a great experience when you zoom in on an artwork and see the actual fibers of a canvas.