Making something complicated look easy with an app

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FlexiForce SpringTime for iOS

Together with FlexiForce we designed and developed a mobile app called SpringTime. FlexiForce is a company which offers standardized hardware parts for overhead doors to small and midsize companies across Europe and North America.

By using the app, independent mechanics can now identify thousands of different torsion springs in six simple steps. We made a complicated process look easy, so mechanics can now buy the right spring with one tap on their phone.


Product concept and functionality

What we wanted to achieve is that mechanics are able to measure installed torsion springs in a quick and easy way. After identifying a spring in need of replacement, the mechanic is able to share the calculated spring product code in a message.

Another possibility is to order a replacement spring directly within the SpringTime app. This way Flexiforce is able to provide a better service to their customers and improve their customer retention.

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